When Culture Beckons

By Aditha Dissanayake There was a tangible sense of occasion at the Punchi Theatre on Tuesday night. The audience was sprinkled with several stars. For someone who never watches TV, it was a eureka moment to be able to identify three out of the four famous television actors and actresses who were the chief guests, presenter

Namel-Malini website: The Punchi Theatre’s latest venture

by Dilshan Boange A lacuna in Colombo’s cultural landscape is set to be filled with the latest venture by the Namel and Malini Punchi Theatre in Colombo. On 10 January the management of the theatre, under the direction of the veteran thespian couple Namel and Malini Weeramuni, held a special preview show to unveil the

Punchi Theatre sets the stage for cultural awakening

By Tarini Pilapitiya The rhythmic ‘tala’ from the Thalampataa, the beat of the ‘geta beraya’ and the elegant movements of Sri Lankan dance are all part of the  “Colombo Cultural Show” aimed at presenting authentic Sri Lankan art forms to the audience. The programme that opened at the Punchi Theatre on Thursday, January 26,  is

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